I excel at trashing my own site every few years, sometimes you wind up sacking Rome unintentionally. Well, I do, anyway. Sorry about that.

While I get things together around here and restore functionality to the site, you should tuck into Spirit In The Room, one of the finest reprobate outfits bands Los Angeles has to offer at the moment. Don’t believe me? Just press play & let Calgon take you away.

Spirit In The Room will be working the ho stroll playing the Foundation Room at the scenic Sunset Strip’s House of Booze Blues on January 24th; I highly recommend attending. You can obtain tickets to the show, vinyl & more from Spirit In The Room via the, um, internet. It’s that thing I’m shouting at you on right now!

Saturday Night Special with a side of meat!

Saturday Night Special with a side of meat!


Can you ask Spirit In The Room to cover Turn Around? That would be cool, they have to do that.” – Dale Ford of NewNormalRock.com’s Dale Ford 100.

Want some dynamic visuals and a more frenetic track? I can do that for you.

I’ll be reviewing SITR’s The Holy Phobia, Pt. 1 prior to the show on the 24th. The latest single, Robot, is available for download on BandCamp.

This site will be getting fine-tuned & slapped around a bit as I cobble things back together. See you soon.